yamaha a s201 review

My speakers are FOCAL Chorus 714V. It's abundantly clear that the Yamaha isn't an expensive amplifier in some respects; it's not over burdened with bass, for example, and the treble isn't the most spacious ever heard on an integrated amplifier. Problem here is that the amp does not have a rca conector for this, so my question would be if I could connect the sub to the amp using the B speaker connections. What do you think about my configuration. I will try to tune it a bit, lets see if it works. I’ve stuck with the 201. A pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers, or a pair of Cambridge Audio SX-50 Bookshelf Speakers. Given the quality of the turntable and speakers, I would at least consider stepping up to the 301. They do a hyperelliptical too which is even better. The company claims 100W per channel for the A-S201, and this comes courtesy of carefully laid out circuitry. Ideally I’d like the 501 and zensor 3s but it’s mostly for my study which is about 13metres squared and my budget is limited. True, tonally the Yamaha lacks variety and much in the way of colour, but its basic default position is slightly warm and woolly and that makes everything sound agreeable. inputs are audio output on the back side of computer connected with good cabel to input 1 on Cambridge. Around the back, you’ll find the input for the moving magnet phono stage, as well as an associated ground screw for your turntable. https://www.asus.com/Sound-Cards/Xonar_U7/overview/. I will see if I can get one in for a more comprehensive review. There are no easy ways to measure these, but suffice it to say that 1 20W amp isn’t necessarily the equal of another. Love to know your thoughts? Hi Ashley, In real world usage you’d be unlikely to notice the difference as you’ll use a few watts at most. The Technics is a fine turntable indeed and an AT-LP60 will be significantly worse in just about every way. Best Hi fi amplifier: Yamaha A-S201 reviews & Prices One of the best manufacturers of Hi – Fi amplifiers is Yamaha and therefore, its product A – S201 has the same level of quality and performance as its other products, so we recommend keeping it in sight. The Yamaha doesn't over reach itself, trying to bite off more than it can chew and the result is that what you do get is very well digested. It’s well made though – there’s no flex in its casing – and the buttons, though not as tactile as some, are very responsive. The speaker terminals are also a little flimsy – and the capped ends are an annoyance for anyone using banana plugs. Thanks for your reply! Thank you. It’s linked with the Line 2 input, so that when line 2 is selected as your input source nothing is sent to the record output; this prevents possible feedback. With 100W per channel, enough inputs to hook up a decent array of components (including a turntable), and classic yet contemporary styling; it’s an amp clearly designed to dominate the budget market. The A-S201 sits at the bottom of their amplifier range – but it’s packed with advanced technologies found only in Yamaha products. There's no doubting Yamaha's pedigree in hi-fi. The A-S201 is supplied with a Yamaha system remote. More useful power and a larger power supply. Will it work well with Castle Knight 1 speakers? Hi Ashley, The most obvious feature of the front panel is the large volume control. Did somebody tried to pair these with famous Yamaha ns10 speakers? It would be nice to see Yamaha include a removal tool in the box for these, or even better – leave them out altogether. Great website by the way, very usefull! What do you suggest? At the price, it's well finished and has beautifully clean styling - you simply wouldn't believe it to be a cheap unit until you touch the flimsy pressed steel top plate, which is about as thin as Yamaha can get away with. I have very nice set of cables…can i do something with other pair? please give your suggestions. Just read Yamaha manual and it states 10% THD @ 100w into 8ohms. The A-S201 sits in a price bracket where first-time buyers or people who simply don’t care buy their amp based purely on the specification and to that end Yamaha market the 201 as a 100W amp, which it can achieve albeit with a lot of distortion. usually you would pair the Mercurys with something like the Yamaha A-S501 or the Marantz PM-6005, but the 840A is certainly compatible and will run them to their full potential with room for future upgrades if desired. Interestingly, the volume control is not used to increase and decrease the tone controls values as is the case with many other designs – instead, Yamaha provide an increase and decrease button for both bass and treble. With a claimed 100W per channel, the A-S201 packs enough power to drive even the most inefficient loudspeakers to uncomfortable levels. Hello and first of all, thanks for your review. The concept of ‘natural sound’ is, quite literally, to amplify the sound with as little colouration as possible, remaining faithful to the artists performance. So, it was nice to be able to read this review prior to purchasing the A-S201. The R-S201 has spring clip connectors. Thanks for the interesting article. Enter your eMail address to subscribe and we'll notify you whenever there's a new post. Just tell me why do you think getting rid of the bi-wire cables would help sound? It’s better than many of the cheaper, sub-£50 units on the market – and is perfectly suited to an amp at this price point. I do agree with you though, and hope that the dealers are sensible enough to recommend suitable partnering speakers to save otherwise decent components being needlessly damaged. This remote controls all functions of the A-S201, as well as Yamaha’s matching CD players and Tuners (such as the CD-S300 or T-D500). Ashley, ty so much for all the help. It’s not overly obtrusive; it’s a gentle hiss that’s especially noticeable when using speakers with sensitive tweeters. All controls, from power to volume and tone, are fully digital, meaning they can be controlled either using the front panel controls or the remote. It has been a major player since the early sixties, and has always invested heavily in new technology to give its products the edge. A huge A+ on the packaging – I wish more brands packaged their products this way. Low standby power use is also claimed. Hi. It will, but you have to remove the little plastic end caps from the speaker terminals. It’s sensitive, too, meaning it’ll work well with the majority of cartridges on the market, even high output moving coil designs. If you listen to music, chances are it was in some way influenced by Yamaha’s technology. While their professional audio equipment and musical instruments have remained the standard for professionals and budding musicians for many years, Yamaha’s critically acclaimed hi-fi and AV components have taken the world by storm thanks to the resurgence in popularity of both budget-oriented and high-end hi-fi. The display shows the status of the amplifier, including the selected source and current volume – as well as allowing access to the configuration menus. (20 is basically a whisper). The new A-S201 is an evolution of its S200 entry-level integrated amplifier, and has been designed with convenience in mind as it moves away from the more retro-styled gear of the past few years. They certainly are a good match Ashley. The volume feels smooth to turn, and doesn’t flex. I believe the volume scale of the A-S201 is measured in decibels, so it is likely that you will see a higher number on the display before reasonable levels are reached. Mine only seem to accept bare wire connectors. Thanks, I will look forward to that review, The review is now published, you can find it Here. This is something manufacturers often overlook, instead choosing thinner, cheaper boxes; not Yamaha. If they have the standard red and black speaker inputs and the speakers themselves don’t contain an amplifier then I see no reason why not. Thanks for sharing. The fascia uses a combination of a fluorescent display and buttons to vary bass, treble and source, and there's a Pure Direct mode to bypass these. Thanks for the information! Yes ive checked connections and they are ok. bi-wire model. Yamaha A-S201 Amplifier . You can then insert your banana plugs. As previously mentioned, the front of the A-S201 is designed to match that of other hi-fi components, such as Yamaha’s own cd players, tuners, and streamers. It would run them, but I’d recommend stepping up to a 301. Their A-S500 won numerous awards – and with such stunning sound quality for such a modest price, it’s not hard to see why. Hi again Ashley, The synth line is well-controlled, and the reverb, not to mention the multi-layerd vocals, are beautifully portrayed. A moving magnet phono stage is included, and the amp features a power management function that can switch it off at a preset time (2, 4, 8 or 12 hours) if desired. Spin Queen’s ‘live at Wembley’, an album featured on my Top 5 Live Albums – and allow the Yamaha to transport you back in time to 1986 – and your very own, free of charge front seat at Wembley stadium. Also if you know about a budget sub (max USD/EUR 150). Stylistically, the A-S201 is designed to match other hi-fi components (both from Yamaha and other brands). The ends of the terminals are plugged with small plastic caps – these are extremely annoying for those of us who wish to use Banana plugs. Of course it is advisable to check your wiring and also verify that your source component is functioning, adjusting the volume on it if it has one (as all computers do for example). As is the case with most budget amps, the headphone jack takes its feed directly from the power amplifier, rather than having its own dedicated circuit. But in an average environment with suitable speakers, you’re unlikely to need anywhere near 50W, let alone 100W. It will drive them, but I would consider stepping up to the A-S301 instead. You’re right of course. Do you think these are going to be a good match and work well, and which speaker choice will be best? Its large size means it’s easy to grab and turn quickly, and it fits nicely in the hand. Ah! You can add fantastic sound, and an excellent built-in phono stage too. or should I keep the SL-QD3 and maybe replace some parts? Interesting, this. That said if your’e happy with the sound, you have the right system for you and that’s all that matters. Hi, Thank you for your review.I am thinking of pairing Yamaha A-S201 with Scandyna Bigpod speakers and Onkyo 7030 CD player, is it a good idea? This requires the remote – which is disappointing. What do you think on pairing A-S201 with Tannoy Mercury 7.4.??? I have paired this amp with a Sony turntable and ns 1000 m speakers it sounds great and has plenty of power to drive these speakers . Arguably one of the most prestigious brands in the music and audiovisual industry, to summarise Yamaha’s musical heritage would require a review in itself. Finally I got this amp with a couple of Yamaha speakers (NSBP400) -there was a bundle pack in the mall-. Only the speaker terminals show slight signs of cheapness – they’re thin plastic, and have a tendency to flex when inserting banana plugs. Vea reseñas y calificaciones de reseñas que otros clientes han escrito de Yamaha A-S201 - Amplificador Hi-Fi estéreo black en Amazon.com. What is the music source, which input is it connected to and have you double-checked your speaker connections? After pairing my A-S201 with NS-F51 speakers, I’m now thinking of improving my turntable. Natural sound is a term Yamaha use to describe many of their hi-fi products. You say they will but are sort of flimsy. Alternatively you can still buy the replacement EPS-30ES stylus for the original Technics cartridge, which has an elliptical stylus and will I’m sure give you improved audio quality over the standard conical stylus. However, it’s not a monitor loop – so it’s not suitable for use with 3 head tape machines. The SX-50s would work well, as would something from the Wharfedale Diamond range. £800 may seem like a lot of money for this two-box system, but when you see what you get it's a steal Yamaha RX-V3067 review. It doesn’t sit in the hand as well as other remotes – however it’s far from being uncomfortable, and is more than adequate for changing tracks or occasionally adjusting the volume. Perhaps it would be better to ditch the digital controls – and simply use good old potentiometers instead. Normally stereo amps sound better than 5.1 ones, but still, does it worth the change? The gap surrounding the central display panel is almost non-existent – again showing Yamaha’s attention to detail. Hello, after few months I have some extra money to replace my YAMAHA A-S201 amp with new one. I’m thinking to substitute my actual amplifier Onkyo A-9010 with this one, to better drive the Quad S-1 which sensitivity in quite low (84 dB): is it a good idea or I have to choose a different amplifier and which one? In theory, a more powerful amplifier can reach higher volumes without clipping – a form of audible distortion that can damage not only your amplifier, but also your speakers. 90% on a Cambridge 840A should be extremely loud. El amplificador tiene para mi gusto un gran sonido y calidad pero esto lo podeis ver en cualquier review para mas información. The A-s201 is a solidly built, well-specified amplifier for very little cash. It proves a friendly, enjoyable and rather pleasing little integrated that represents. Remember that it’s not all about watts per channel, current and power supply headroom are also important. Either stylus will improve the sound and help to reduce wear on your records. La parte que se puede mejorar son las piezas de plastico de los eq. Still better than my trusty old Denon ud31 and mission scm51s…I hope! Thanks. Thanks for your feedback and advice Ashley. If you step up to the 301 which is a better amplifier capable of driving more difficult loads, I’d lean more towards the wharfed ales. That’s true, but very few budget speaker models have such sensitivity ratings and those are what the A-S201 would likely be paired with. Usage is simple – following a short press of the stand by button and 2 relay clicks, the a-s201 is ready for use.. I think there would be a difference, but not one significant enough to justify the outlay. i play music from my computer, maybe that is the case. Yamaha A-S201 Amplifier There is no doubting Yamaha's pedigree in hifi. Pressing the pure-direct button will after a few seconds disable the display.

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